In today’s world, companies face intense demand to put in place effective strategies that will ensure growth and expansion. The dynamic change in customer satisfaction especially in competitive and emerging markets has resulted in the need to pay attention to projection and productivity in company operations. It has become more important to monitor and track progress, assess performance to highlight areas of risks, document lessons learnt, and demonstrate impact. This enables appropriate management decision which repositions the organisation in the right direction and boasts customer confidence while reflecting accountability and transparency. jBI suite has the capacity to transform huge set of available data into meaningful and useful information for strategic and effective decision making resulting in performance growth and competitive advantage. It offers the fastest way of setting up a single archive of accurate and constantly updated company data which different business users can explore, analyse, slice-and-dice and use in their own reporting and analytics.


Easily Assess Performance

It has the functionality to compare performance between different business units: branches, officers, products and more.

Efficient Trend Analysis

jBI has the functionality to easily show the trend over time for some key indicators e.g. loan portfolio, deposits, income and expenses, and customers. It enables you to capture the understanding of customer behaviours by recognising patterns that highlight reasons for high or low demand for services, areas of risks, and respond appropriately thereby retaining customers and increase profitability.

Faster Decision-Making

jBI enhances faster decision-making through presentation of the company’s performance such as record history, real-time updates and forecasting which facilitate accurate decision by eliminating guesswork.

Efficient Reporting

jBI has the capacity to meet all the reporting needs of your company. It allows you to save time and effort in generating reports.

Effective Business Projection

jBI allows you to access the performance of your business over past periods, and has the capacity to assess present performance in order to identify future opportunities that ensures growth and improvement. jBI enables the business to identify new opportunities and trends.