Metropolitan Bank, Zimbabwe (Met Bank) is now the first bank in Zimbabwe and the first in Africa to be successfully migrated to TEMENOS T24R10. JETHRO is proud to announce successful migration of Met Bank’s core banking 

application from GLOBUS G10 on UniVerse to TEMENOS T24R10 with TAFC. Met Bank went live on T24R10 (Linux) on successful migration from GLOBUS G10 (SCO Operating System), which it has been using for the past 10 years. The exercise was delivered qualitatively and in record time to the amazement of T24 community in the region. 3rd party interfaces on GLOBUS were also migrated to T24R10.

Met Bank Chief Executive Officer states “…the bank is now more strategically placed to organise its business around the customer...” JETHRO’s Regional Director, Kembo, comments “JETHRO has enabled Met Bank to deliver convenient, agile services and a comprehensive service deliveries to its customers through qualitative and timely migration to T24R10. This is another demonstration of JETHRO's commitment of enabling Banks' using T24 to derive maximum value on their investment and pleasant T24 experiences to the users”.