jDelivery - Customer Communications

With companies facing intense competition to acquire and retain customers and to reduce cost of delivering services to customers, providing services that will build trust, revive loyalty, and lower cost has become critical

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Agency Banking

jReamPay - Branchless Banking

The main priority of businesses in competitive environments is to retain and acquire new customers. The escalating cost of setting up branches remains a challenge and using manual processes has stimulated frauds and inefficient service

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Companies around the world are looking for better ways to retain and acquire more customers by meeting their expectations while providing effective and efficient services at low cost, and at the shortest time possible.

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Security Management

jPrivacy - Two Factor Authentication (2FA) System

JETHRO jPRIVACY Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Solution is designed to provide state of the art, leading edge secure means of authenticating employees and customers for any transaction on the Core Banking System (e.g. Temenos T24/T24MCB, Finacle)

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Multi-channel Connectivity

jRouter - Enterprise Multi-Channel Connectivity

jRouter- An effective multi-protocol Integration router that presents integration opportunity of the CBS with various Third Party Applications (clearing system, payment systems, etc) via different API communication protocols. It offers seamless integration of the CBS with

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eBursary is a cost effective and versatile automated Bursary management solution for government and parastatals. It is a system for management of funds paid to students who need fund support from government institutions. It manages the budget, approving officer, and offers various mode of payment such as echeques, Electronic Fund Transfer, etc.

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Financial institutions face the challenge of continuous spending on IT infrastructure in order to ensure efficient services. New banks would need to outsource the delivery of their banking technology as a cloud-based service in order to

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Companies must ensure continuous improvement in service delivery to stay in business and remain competitive. This can be achieved by assessing performance to highlight areas of risks and to identify the required strategies for continuous improvement.

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In today’s world, companies face intense demand to put in place effective strategies that will ensure growth and expansion. The dynamic change in customer satisfaction especially in competitive and emerging markets has resulted in the need

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The Personnel module enables effective personnel management. It has the functionality to capture detail information regarding your personnel such as personal and employment status. Features include: location capture, employee status, staff clock in, timesheet and more.

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Financial instituitions face the challenge of retaining and acquiring more customers. The traditional processes in service delivery have resulted in long queues in banking halls. Transactions that require prompt execution are delayed. Today, customers expect to

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jBridge is a HOST-to-HOST(H2H) interface tool for connecting ISO8583 Message Processing Server(s) with any financial HOST application servers, like T24™. jBridge has its own load balancing features and capabilities to ensure maximum throughput. It enables seamless

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Jethro Transaction Manager (jTM) module is specifically developed for TEMENOS T24™/T24forMCB™ banking applications(T24™). The solution is fully parameterized and supports up-to 256 different Issuer/Bank Identification Numbers (IIN/BIN). It is designed to process Cash Cards (ATM), POS,

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jBProcessor solution is an Efficient and Smart Bulk Transaction Upload Tool for automating bulk financial transactions onto CBS using multithreaded approach. It is a secure, lightweight, fast user friendly tool which provides maximum control of the

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