JETHRO is proud to announce successful implementation of another T24R10 site in Africa, ASO Savings and Loans Plc (ASO), Nigeria. ASO went live on T24R10 (Linux) on successful upgrade from T24R06 Windows. ASO is the only bank in West Africa region using T24R10, and 2nd in Africa – both upgraded and migrated by JETHRO.

The upgrade exercise also affords ASO the opportunity of using JETHRO’s robust and integrated channel for provisioning of its ATM/POS and Payment Portal. This implementation again demonstrates JETHRO’s superior competence on T24 upgrade and implementation in the continent of Africa. JETHRO team delivered the project qualitatively on budget and time. ASO Director of IT and Operations describe this experience as "true demonstration of high level of professionalism and competence that has never been witnessed since implementation of T24R06. Our bank now has more confidence on T24 and believes it will drive our businesses to the expected level."

Head of IT expresses “JETHRO is a true professional and customer focus company. We are very pleased by the outcome of this upgrade and implementation of the new electronic channel by JETHRO. JETHRO addresses all our concerns and has now put us a solid footing on TEMENOS T24”. JETHRO team expresses appreciation to the ASO upgrade team – truly a demonstration of partnership that works.