Temenos partner and T24 implementer Jethro has extended its operations to Ghana. In celebration of the launch, the company organised an event titled “Delivering Banking                                           ..              .                                                       .          .          

Innovation through Technology”.
Jethro, established in 2002, is a systems integrator and support provider for Temenos. The company offers support, upgrades, T24 stabilisation, interface development and integration, post-implementation reviews, general ledger and mismatch fixing.
“The opening of a new office in Accra is the latest addition to the continuous drive by Jethro to deliver excellence in all areas of our engagement with clients,” said Remi Babatunde, CEO at Jethro.
The company will remain headquartered in London, but has selected Africa as part of a drive to be closer to its core customers in Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Nigeria.