A recent report by Technologyadvice highlighted 5 Business Intelligence trends for 2018 as follows:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   :


1: Simplicity of BI

Data and BI solutions are currently being simplified so as to provide effortless and swift access to analytics in real-time. Innovative solutions are going beyond complexities of use to simplicity of functionalities, allowing data to be easily analysed to discover needed patterns that will inform better decisions.

2: Descriptive analytics

Graphical representation of information enables quick understanding of details. Decision makers are able to discover patterns when information is represented in charts and graphs compared to table representation. It delivers immense benefits to businesses as it enable decision makers to swiftly make use of data. BI solutions provide detailed dashboards which users can use to control the display of available data.

3. Self-service BI

It enables staff members to use BI solutions to analyse business data in real-time to generate personalised pictorial reports without the need for reports submitted by IT professionals. Gardner forecasted that most decision makers will have access to self-service BI by the end of the year to make informed decisions and act on them swiftly and substantial time reduction will be saved in preparing data for analysis.

4. Mobile Analytics

The need to access data anytime and anywhere has resulted in the availability of BI and analytics on mobile devices. In a report by Aberdeen Group, firms using mobile BI are 68% more likely to obtain timely commercial data than companies not using one.

5. BI in the Cloud

BI Solutions are usually implemented locally. However, the demand for uninterrupted access has resulted in hosting BI in the cloud. Benefits include: Switch setup, effective scalability, lower cost, mobile accessibility, and lots more. Gartner forcasted that 80% of companies are like to invest more in cloud-based products in years ahead.

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