One major issue in the delivery of financial services to the unbanked segment is finding a way to reduce cost of delivery while ensuring physical interaction. Many reports:

  stated that electronic only platforms are not the answer and others indicated that the provision of bank branches is also not the answer. 

A recent report by Financial Brand stated that Agency banking solutions can transform the dynamics of expanding banking service delivery in rural and semi-urban communities. It involves the use of physical and electronic platforms via third-party agents.
Agents are able to provide basic banking services such as cash deposit and withdrawal, mini statement issuance, opening of accounts, funds transfer services, check book request, and collection, receiving of clearing checks, processing documents with regard to loan applications, utility bill payment, airtime top-ups, and more. Also, It enables traditional banks and credit unions to provide services at reduced costs. This allows customers to use services regularly, resulting in revenue generating stream for both the bank and the agent. Also, it provides higher volume income generation and transactions when compared with physical branches.

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