BEIGE Capital (BCSL) Ghana went live on T24R15 after successful implementation of the high end core banking system. JETHRO team demonstrated technical expertise by providing seamless implementation and post go-live support. BEIGE Capital expressed satisfaction at the user acceptance testing

In partnership, Jethro and Temenos implemented the largest Temenos T24 project in Africa for Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB). The roll-out plan involves implementation of TEMENOS T24 in the Bank's Head office in Nairobi. Subsidiaries in four

JETHRO team have demonstrated superb expertise by enabling a non-T24 bank to go live barely three weeks after the parent bank (FDH malawi) went live on T24R14. Malawi Savings Bank

Small Enterprise Programme (SMEP) Kenya went live after successful migration and upgrade of their T24forMCB to the latest release. Jethro team migrated the bank's entire operation from T24R05 on Windows to T24R08 with Browser on

FDH Bank Malawi went live after successful migration and upgrade of their T24 Core banking system to a new releaseJethro team migrated the bank's entire operation from T24R10 to T24R14.

Jethro team has completed another successful implementation of BASE24 interface on Temenos T24 for UniBank's(Ghana) Bank2Card and Card2Bank national e-payment project. The exercise involves

The annual event organized by the African Confederation of Cooperative Savings and Credit Associations (ACCOSCA) was held in Kenya. The 16th SACCA Congress was well attended by participants from all over the world especially Africa and Europe. Jethro was the only platinum sponsor of the event. 

boosts its customer services by integrating SMS banking with its GLOBUS™ banking application. AttijariWafa Bank has built various customer oriented services around its SMS banking solution. Customers can both request

JETHRO is proud to announce successful implementation of another T24R10 site in Africa, ASO Savings and Loans Plc (ASO), Nigeria. ASO went live on T24R10 (Linux) on successful upgrade from T24R06 Windows. ASO is the only bank in West Africa region using T24R10, and 2nd in Africa – both upgraded and migrated by JETHRO.

Jethro eCourier solution has become means of offering electronic email transaction and statement alerts. Major banks' are now using Jethro eCourier to deliver Statement of Account and Transaction Alert (deposits, withdrawal, etc) to their customer's email boxes instantly and based on