Success Story | BEIGE 
Efficient Implementation Of T24 Core Banking System for BEIGE Bank  
The BEIGE Bank (TBB), Ghana, a subsidiary of BEIGE Group, operated as BEIGE Capital Savings & Loans (BCSL) company, providing financial services and among the most sort after brands in Ghana’s financial services industry.
The Situation
In 2014, BEIGE aimed to achieve a universal bank status by delivering creative and sustainable financial services. However, it delivered financial services via legacy systems and was faced with the challenge of providing competitive marketable products and reporting. Consequently, the Bank resolved to revamp and modernize its core banking system and IT infrastructure. BEIGE identified a strategy for expansion and invested in a robust core banking system. It introduced a planned partnership; JETHRO Limited, a Temenos Certified Partner, was contracted to implement the Temenos T24R15 core banking system with other functionalities.
The Solution
JETHRO team performed initial systems assessment to identify issues and provided recommendations to BEIGE.  After obtaining acceptance and approval from the Bank management, the team proceeded with the core banking system implementation and integration with the following functionalities:
  • ATM Switch upgrade.
  • Electronic Banking.
  • International Remittance (SWIFT).
  • e-Channels.
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Data Mining and Reporting upgrade.
  • Voucher processing.
  • Transaction Notifications (Alerts) and
  • e-statements.
The team also added the following modules: Data feed in mechanism, Multi-Channel Multi-Port electronic banking solution, JUM for User license management, Integrated Fixed Asset Management system module,  Non-Stop & IFRS modules,  ERP and CRM solution.
BEIGE banking operation was transformed to allow the offering of marketable products. This enabled the Bank to acquire Commercial Banking license and recently achieved a universal bank status. The project cost was fixed within the implementation period and there was no project overruns. Additionally, the project was completed in 10 months despite delays in the purchase of infrastructure by the Bank. Therefore, BEIGE had value for investment. The team provided many technical trainings on site, remote and post go live support. Furthermore, there were concerns that some previous savings & loans modules might not be provided in T24 banking system. “However, JETHRO team lived up to the statement of self-belief that – anything you can conceive, you can develop” said Dawda Hafisdeen – CFO, BEIGE.
In addition, there were many problematic data and JETHRO team provided suitable data clean up procedures which resulted in time saving during the actual implementation. The team carried out four data migration cycles and lessons were learnt. They also performed a lot of reconciliations at every stage and three (3) User Acceptance Testing sessions. These resulted into saving 3 months’ project cycles compared to other project proposals. “We wish to thank JETHRO once again for their support and the good work that they have done to the extent that BEIGE has continued to be a reference point” said Dawda Hafisdeen – CFO, BEIGE Bank.