Other Sectors

Transport and Logistic

Transport – The transport industry is experiencing a paradigm shift due to digitalization and change in customer expectations. Private, cooperatives and public transport operators are constantly re-aligning their operations to meet the new paradigm by adopting new technology for profitability and relevance in the industry. JETHRO array of solutions for the transport providers include Customer Booking System, fleet management, IOT track and trace solution, vehicle and driver monitoring. Logistic – the big logistic service providers are seeing their erstwhile domain encroached by new formal and informal operators due to the strong wind of technologies and enabling innovations. JETHRO is empowering existing and new entrants into logistic vertical through provisioning of innovative digital solutions that focuses on customer experience as key differentiator and meeting of the continuous change in customer expectations while still growing revenue and improving efficiency.

Private Sector

A neglected sector but with tremendous potentials for innovation and disruption. The gig-economy and boutique companies are changing the way traditional company run their businesses. DIDHub hub has been providing performance driven and  outcome-based engagements with relevant technology that assure growth and high margin for various businesses.