Digital Field Collector

Digital Field Collector - InfoCollect

“Simplify your data Collection”

InfoCollect a simple, robust and powerful digitized field data collection tool. It enables organisation to put their data to use using evidence-based performance measure.

InfoCollect has been used in the most demanding and challenging environments by humanitarian workers, professionals, researchers, and economic analysts.


InfoCollect eliminates the use of paper for survey while enabling collection of reliable data quickly.

Mobile Money Aggregator - MojaHub

MojaHub is a dedicated payment network hub that allows members of various Financial Services Provider (FSP), comprising of Micro Finance Institutions (MFI/SACCO) and mobile payment platforms,  to send and receive payments from each other without passing through other expensive platforms and/or commercial banks. With MojaHub various isolated and independent MFI mobile money solutions can inter-operate thereby saving their members and users incurring multiple charges and/or expensive surcharges.

MojaHub operation also permit cross-border interconnectivity of different MFI money transfers and mobile payments thereby enabling cross-border transactions. Organizations and individuals can perform transactions among each other and countries.