Hyperf Payment Management Switch

Hyperf Payment Management Switch (Hyperf PMS) is a flexible high performance payment solution that combines Card Management System(CMS) and card transaction management system (TMS).

Hyperf PMS provides extremely scalable and always available transaction switch solution. It comes with industry standard and approved high security facility, monitoring tools, extensive reports, and robust users interface for effective management of your card operations without requiring any technical expertise.

FinApp Communication Manager (FinApp CM)

FinApp CM offer facility for FinTech and Financial Institutions to integrate their System to any Payment solution quickly and timeously. It enables the users to focus on their business logic without having to deal with low-level of ISO-8583 communications details. FinApp CM ensures seamless connectivity between ISO-8583 servers and back-office applications servers (eg banking software).

It is a bridge between ISO-8583 applications and any other solutions that eliminate the complexity of dealing with ISO-8583 messaging intricacies like headers, Channels and so on.


MonieWire offers a comprehensive platform for financial institutions to manage their customer  transactions, by facilitating interbank instant payments, including online purchases and utility bill settlements allowing member banks and utility companies to service the payment needs of  customersand businesses via convenient platformssuch as USSD, mobile and web.