Digital Banking Accelerator

Digital Banking Accelerator – FinXtend is a robust, flexible and easily adaptable core banking system for small to medium size financial institutions, digital-only banks and FinTech companies. FinXtend empower organisations to build and deploy financial products digitally and across different channels. FinXtend has been implemented by several financial institutions and Fintech companies across the world in provisioning their financial and banking operations. With FinXtend, microfinance institutions, credit unions, sacco, savings and loans institutions do not need to spend excessive amount on core banking system any longer.

  • Highly parameterized modules that support various banking and financial operations business requirements with unsurpassed robustness that makes it compete favourably with other core banking systems
  • Packaged and bundled digital capabilities without additional cost.
  • Cost effective – cheaper to purchase and maintained than several other contemporary core banking system in the market
  • Robust and industry standard architecture makes its adoption quicker and learning curve flattened for the operational staff.
  • A perfect solution for digital banking and financial services deployment.

Agency Banking - RealmPay

“Branchless Banking”

RealmPay present commercial banks and other financial institutions to implement cost-effective branchless banking operations in remote locations using network of local agents and merchants.

  • Money Transfer and Remittance services – offer money transfer and remittance services in a secure manner.
  • Acquire and Retain Customers – opportunity to acquire new customers and retain existing ones by bringing financial services to their locations
  • Accelerate Financial Inclusions – reach unbanked community through local agents that customers know and trust.
  • Reduce Operational Cost on physical branches and ATM networks by using Agents and merchants for customer to fulfill their transactions.