Digital Channels


Digital Channels

JETHRO digital channel solutions offer secure and unified channels across multiple customer touch points including web, mobile, and mobile kiosk. Its responsive user interfaces makes it possible for customers and staff to access the system from devices of their choice – PC/Laptop, Tablet, and/or Mobile. It is customizable and can sits on top of existing IT infrastructure and integrate easily with core banking system.

  • Consistent information and alignment of product offerings across multiple channels.
  • It enables the delivery of pleasant customer journeys across channels.
  • Send targeted customer messaging for sales and marketing across channels.
  • It enables swift deployment of product offerings and increased usability.
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Branchless Banking

Our Branchless banking solution enable financial institutions to manage distributed agency network and safely offer banking services to their regular and non-banking customers. Banks can offer service to customers in market places with on the spot collection/payment solution, issue receipts via portable Bluetooth printer, and have the transactions fully synchronized to the Core Banking System (CBS) in the Head Office. Receipts are printed automatically for customers as proof of transaction and a medium for auditing field officers.<br><br> Quick and easy lookup of customers’ information empowers remote tellers and field officers to securely and effectively execute transactions such as New Customer Enrollment, Loans, Deposits, Withdrawals, Transfers, Utility bill payments, and more, without the need to visit bank branches.

  • It runs independently of any Core Banking System (CBS) while also providing seamless integration to any CBS and third-party applications.
  • Enables the offering of financial services in the city and in remote locations via mobile devices resulting in customer acquisition and on boarding with ease.
  • It has low-bandwidth, offline capabilities, and can operate where there is little or no network connectivity and seamlessly synchronized to the core banking system when connection is available.
  • CBS agnostic thereby protecting FI’s investment while ensuring that FI can offer banking services to the unbanked through their banking system.
  • Agency-based money transfer capabilities that allows customers to withdraw cash from any agent within the network in any location.
  • Wallet operation functionalities for technology savvy customers by allowing them to perform various operations on their accounts within the platform.

Retail Internet Banking

JETHRO’s retail internet banking solution empower your customers and enrich their online experience with feature rich functionalities and intuitive presentations across all devices. It puts your customers in control of their transaction resulting in prompt execution and notification with the competitive edge of customer convenience.

  • Real-time bill payment & government remittance functionalities that enables customers to access all their accounts at any time.
  • Payroll and business-to-business (B2B) payable simplification. Transactions are settled on the spot.
  • Secured encryption connection to banking network for secure transactions.
  • Simplified account reconciliation and investments orders.
  • Funds transfer between customer accounts, and/or third-party account.
  • Debit/credit card management.
  • Functionality to view status of account statements and balances.
  • Transaction tracking by payment type, date, description or amount.
  • Effective cash flow management functionalities.
  • Transactions alert & notification functionalities.

Mobile Banking

Our mobile banking solution offers a convenient and efficient platform for customers to access their bank’s financial services such as transaction payments, funds transfer, administer accounts and customized information. Payments can be authorized at anytime and anywhere using smart phones and security tokens.

  • Unrestricted account accessibility and transaction functionalities.
  • Increased transaction efficiency and reduced paperwork for both the banker and the customer.
  • Secured Solution and fraud tracking in real time.
  • Time Savings and reduction of cues in banking halls.
  • Readily integrates with your Core banking system.
  • Security management functionality and supports concurrent users.
  • Accessibility as native applications. It works on both GSM and CDMA handsets for Android and iPhone platforms.
  • It supports both push (message initiated by the bank) and pull (messages initiated by the client).
  • USSD Banking with Wallet and Instant Loan (5-minutes Loan).

Social Media Banking

JETHRO’s Social Transactional Banking solution offer banks the opportunity to provide customers with a platform for performing standardized transactions. Customers can perform both financial (such as fund transfers and prepaid mobile recharge) and non-financial transactions (such as they can check their balance and view their last three Transactions) on social media.

  • Socially integrated mobile banking API via Facebook.
  • Financial and non-financial transaction functionalities.
  • Customer can make payments to friends without knowing friends bank account.
  • Security functionality via two factor authentication system.
  • Accessibility to a wide range of banking products including loan application.
  • Security management functionality and supports concurrent users.
  • Accessibility as native applications. It works on both GSM and CDMA handsets for Android and iPhone platforms.
  • Voice enabled API
  • SMS Banking.