Companies around the world are looking for better ways to retain and acquire more customers by meeting their expectations while providing effective and efficient services at low cost, and at the shortest time possible.

jCollect provides a secure Bank-On-the-Move facility that allows Micro-Finance Institutions (MFI), Credit Unions and other financial institutions to perform banking transactions in remote locations anywhere and anytime using Android-based mobile devices. It enables these institutions to overcome the expensive infrastructure usually associated with reaching their unbanked customers by providing comprehensive 24-hour mobile banking with Offline capabilities for MFI field Agents using its secure mobile technology. It helps MFI build valuable and persistent relationship with their customers and to add value to their service delivery. jCollect employ its secure mobile technology that provides seamless operation and connectivity between the Core Banking platform and MFI Field Agents to provide banking transactions to their customers. It include: jCollect (POS), Collect (Android), and Collect (Netbook).


Cost reduction and Profit Maximization

Reduce the cost associated with remote branch office setup. Expensive infrastructure associated with other platforms – USSD, SMS-based solutions can be avoided. It supports unlimited number of Collection Officers. jCollect ensures lower spending on software, hardware, physical infrastructures and personnel resulting in profit maximization.

Acquire more customers

Deliver a better customer experience by going beyond the limit of offering traditional banking services. Bringing affordable financial solution services via mobile devices to every customer segment including unbanked areas would result in the acquisition of more customers.

Secure Solution

Adopt a proven and secure technology that combines mobile versatility with unique payment technology. jCollect ensures seamless and secure connectivity with any Core Banking Application.

Mitigate Risk

Reduce the risk of “no remittance” by field agents and payment error from customers by embracing an efficient solution which provides your customer with transaction notifications, statements and prove of payment.

Efficient Operation

jCollect works independently of any core banking application including Cloud-based platforms. The system has the capacity to work offline and uses Open Technology-Android- based collection with server components and can work on any operating system of Windows, Unix, and Linux devices.