Why you should consider using JETHRO’s GnG for your digital transformation.


An innovation plan that stems from the need to offer better user experience and value to customers will enable your financial institution to grow and expand. However, having many silo systems on the enterprise will result in operational inefficiencies, longer time to respond to changes, and increased cost of maintenance. This is when JETHRO’s GnG becomes a valuable tool. It offers your financial institution an effective way to integrate all your enterprise applications, so that they can function in synergy and realize your digital transformation plan.


Enterprise systems integration with JETHRO’s GnG

JETHRO’s GnG is an all-in-one no-code solution that uses a software architecture framework that allows financial institutions to easily connect and integrate their system services via one single platform. Making use of this integration architecture will enable your institution to bring all enterprise applications together and enable them to communicate with one another, without the need to depend on each other to function, which can result in more growth and expansion.

Why you should use JETHRO’s GnG

By implementing JETHRO’s GnG, you can enhance your bank’s agility by keeping all these applications connected, using it as the backbone of your current infrastructure.

Other reasons include:
  • Robust platform with support for standardized technologies: JETHRO’s GnG offers high performance with minimal overhead and improved scalability. It supports numerous services, components and a wide range of connectors, technology specification and standards, according to client needs. Also, it can run on premise, cloud and in docker containers. Furthermore, it has the capability to add new or replace flow components.
  • Extensible Architecture: JETHRO’s GnG is a flexible, extensive, versatile platform with an event-driven approach, allowing the consumption and contribution of services anywhere on the enterprise. Additionally, it promotes re-usability in larger ecosystems while preventing vendor lock-in.
  • Modern user interface and live display: JETHRO’s GnG has a responsive user interface and enhanced user experience design, with support for all major devices and browsers, providing several visualizations that allows your IT team to see the received messages and requests.
  • Role-based Security and Identity management: JETHRO’s GnG is built with flexible user management for authorization level control and can be integrated with identity management systems. The access control feature can be customized with user-role, role-role and role-permission assignments.

Benefits of JETHRO’s GnG

  1. Multiple system integration and increased agility: JETHRO’s GnG, all-in-one no-code system is an extensive connectivity uniform platform that allows your IT team to write code once and deploy anywhere. The platform is independent with installation packages for multiple systems both traditional and cloud. You can integrate systems across the enterprise to create new capabilities.
  1. Accelerate Innovation: Your IT team can easily accelerate the digitization of processes by using JETHRO’s GnG APIs to build business integration flows, while also making it possible to incorporate third party applications and platforms, thereby enabling you to build new products and services faster and accelerate customer engagements.
  1. Superior Results: By using the API-based connectivity system, JETHRO’s GnG is able to create an on time and within budget solution that meets your business needs resulting in better outcomes. Additionally, with the integration architecture, you can meet compliance, governance, scalability and security requirements, creating the right software architecture for all your application systems.
  1. Fast Time to Market: JETHRO’s GnG will enable your institution to introduce new products to market quickly and put your bank in a readiness position to take advantage and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Also, it is a micro service enabled platform that can be provisioned and scaled fast.
  1. Short learning curve and easy to maintain: JETHRO’s GnG is straight forward with a short learning curve, easy to maintain, and has support for complex enterprise installations. It is simple yet scalable and responsive to dynamic market demand patterns.

In Conclusion

Your bank may be using desperate enterprise applications to manage its operations, but struggling to keep up with growth and increased spending. As a result, you may be experiencing slow enterprise processes and personnel productivity issues. JETHRO’s GnG – all-in-one no-code integration solution is transforming how banks run, and enabling business processes to be more efficient, thereby taking the business to the next level of profitable growth. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals that are experienced in cross-platform integration, from on-premise to cloud or vice versa. To learn more, click: Contact us today!