Why you should consider using JETHRO’s GnG for your digital transformation.   An innovation plan that stems from the need to offer better user experience and value to customers will enable your financial institution to grow and expand. However, having many silo systems on the enterprise will result in operational inefficiencies, longer time to respond to […]

How FIs can reduce customer acquisition cost and realize optimum results.   A recent Digital Banking report found that financial institutions usually spend escalating cost on their customer acquisition efforts but realized less outcome. Re-thinking and utilizing digital innovation can help to reduce cost and have impressive results. It can provide the opportunity for on-boarding prospective […]

Press Release –  July 2021 Central Bank of Somalia’s STARS is Live on Montran ATS   London, United Kingdom – 19 July 2021 – JETHRO Limited, the digital banking accelerator and certified technical partner for Temenos across Sub-Sahara African countries, today announced that Central Bank of Somalia’s STARS is live on Montran ATS. In the past, […]

Press Release –  June 2021 SomBank Is Live on Temenos Transact R20   London, United Kingdom – 18 June 2021 – JETHRO Limited, the certified technical partner for Temenos across Sub-Sahara African countries, today announced that SomBank is Live on Temenos Transact R20. The implementation supports the financial institution’s strong growth ambitions. Headquartered in Mogadishu, SomBank […]

How banks can facilitate enterprise efficiency with All-in-one No-Code integration solution.   Financial institutions utilize applications to meet specific functions and will continue to add new systems as the business grows. Making use of many disparate applications that function on their own will lead to disadvantages such as operation inefficiency, unproductivity and time wastage of […]

How your banking institution can protect against emerging threat trends The Financial services sector continues to be the most targeted industry by malicious hackers following the digitization of various economies, financial systems, and the increased reliance on digital financial services. As more technologies are being introduced and security protocols are established, cyber criminals keep looking […]

How banks can transform their core banking system and stay competitive. New entrants like neo-banks (i.e. digital-only banks) are capturing significant market share across the globe as they use modern systems to attract customers. However, incumbent Financial Institutions (FIs) are inhibited by legacy systems utilization, causing them to play catch-up. A recent Everest Group’s survey […]

How banks and credit unions can enhance efficiency in services delivery The main reason for customer dissatisfaction and high churn rate is inefficient service delivery. Customers become unhappy when the services they have received fall short of what are promised. Because of this, they might move to your competitor. Conversely, when your bank ensures and […]

7 Key Strategies For A Sustainable Digital Transformation in Financial Services A recent Bain survey of more than 131,000 customers across 22 countries found that financial institutions were regularly loosing customers yearly due to poor digital transformation efforts. Earlier in the year, the spread of COVID-19 forced many banks to fast-track their digital initiatives. Institutions not considering digital innovation prior […]

How an All-in-One No-Code Integration Solution can transform your Digital Enterprise. Today, companies are embracing digital innovation to transform internal operations; deliver leading-edge products and services; remain competitive and be ahead in the marketplace. However, many financial institutions make use of applications and systems in silos that have resulted in not being able to harness […]