Business intelligence and analytics softwares help to improve and speed up decision-making processes and enable proper alignment of resources with strategies. They enable the improvement of company’s competitiveness and provide the possibility of synchronizing financial information with operational strategies. Data analysis allow an organization to have a better sense of risk and provide the ability to react to changes, ensuring better financial performance, improving the capability to respond to buying trends in the marketplace, identifying new product to be created and enabling better relationships with customers and business partners.

Sisense is a business analytics software company with business intelligence products that equip users with the capacity to easily analyse large amount of data from multiple sources and generate visualizations, like dashboards and reports, on any device, including mobile.

JETHRO is in partnership with Sisense as software solution provider and integration specialist in ensuring the implementation of BI products. The alliance enable fast integration and deployment of business intelligence solution to customers. Decision makers are able to analyse data and share perception very quickly. Users are able to drill down and manipulate data.

JETHRO and Sisense enable organizations to easily interpret large and scattered data by providing comprehensive software solutions for preparing, analysing and visualizing complex data.

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