Success Story | Keystone Bank

Core Banking Implementation Realignment Project for Keystone Bank

Business Situation

Keystone Bank, a subsidiary of Keystone Bank Group, needed to migrate its T24 core banking system to a higher release for more product deployment and efficient banking service delivery. The bank contracted a technical company to perform the migration. However, there was no headway in the implementation project and no results were achieved. Additionally, the firm lacked efficient programmers that can ensure code optimization.

The Solution

Keystone identified a quality assurance plan since a failed project was apparent. JETHRO Limited, a Temenos Certified, partner was contracted to realign the implementation project to Keystone’s objectives. The team arrived on-site, performed preliminary assessment, identify gaps and submitted recommendations to the bank management.  All parties adopted a leadership approach; JETHRO team mediated between both the bank and the implementing firm. Additionally, JETHRO provided necessary hands on support to assuage the bank. The advisory engagement timeline was three months.


The implementation ensured a smooth go-live with little glitches. Additionally, the new system enabled issues from service delivery to customers to be resolved. Consequently, the bank expressed satisfaction on JETHRO’s performance.

JETHRO’s involvement enabled good understanding and better work relationship between all parties. Furthermore, the engagement enabled training of bank’s staff. Consequently, Keystone has personnel teams ready to provide immediate support.

Success Factors

  • Systems evaluation, gaps identification and provided recommendations.
  • Effective collaboration.
  • Project implementation quality assurance.
  • Efficient code optimization.