Success Story | Stanbic Bank 

JETHRO’s jDelivery enhance business growth by ensuring  the delivery of quality services.

The Situation

For many years, Stanbic Bank made use of manual processes in customer communications. Paper communication was the main form of communication and staff had to work extra hours in order to address customer complaints through manual postage notification. Consequently, it was not possible to promptly notify customers of transactions on their accounts and contracts at various stages for instance during fixed deposit roll over, contract maturity, debit or credit notification, insurance of LC, and more. Additionally, the Bank was loosing an important revenue generating opportunity. Competitors in the same industry made use of automated solutions that ensured efficient customer communication and revenue generation. Moreover, the manual processes also became costly and time consuming yet customer communication is an important factor in retaining and acquiring more customers.


The Solution

The Bank realised the need to transform its customer communication experience covering all branches and performed a cost benefit analysis of automation. After assessing various presentation provided by different software vendors, the Bank decided to choose JETHRO’s eCourier due to its robust design, API socket provisioning for customized future plug-ins, self-support and lower cost compared to other vendors. Stanbic used eCourier for years and it transformed the Banks operations including huge cost saving. Furthermore, JETHRO upgraded eCourier to jDelivery, a more recent version with advanced enhancements and it was deployed in Stanbic Bank by a consultant from JETHRO over a period of 4 weeks.

Derived Benefits

Stanbic Bank succeeded in transforming its customer communication experience with jDelivery. Manual processes were replaced with automated functionalities that enabled paperless and timely communication delivery on preferred customer platform resulting in huge cost savings and customer convenience. Moreover, jDelivery enabled electronic archiving of information by the Bank as well as customers and prompt online confirmation of receipt acknowledgement.

Today, Stanbic Bank continues to receive satisfactory feedbacks from customers on services and customer base have continue to increase as a result of referrals from existing customers. Additionally, there has been significant growth in the number of customers, contracts and account products. The Bank is categorized as a digitalized bank.  Furthermore, Stanbic Bank refered jDelivery to other banks due to its experience of the solution, and this resulted in further business subscriptions in the region.

While JETHRO provided excellent customer service and technical support, more importantly, Stanbic Bank’s customer communication covering all branches has become more efficient and the money saved on manual processes has been applied as profit directly to the Banks bottom line.

Future Perspective

Stanbic Bank’s goal and intention for the future is to be the best Bank of choice in term of qualitative service delivery in East Africa and beyond.  Its future perspective in terms of communication delivery is to incorporate more flexibility in subscription and charge components, and automatic reprocessing of failed messages.  In addition, the Bank plans to change communication delivery in future by adding more automation to e-processes. Consequently, JETHRO continues to enhance the jDelivery solution and the Bank would possibly plan a next stage implementation.

“….We are happy with the services provided and highly recommend Jethro as an implementation partner of choice” – Mr. Simon Mbogo Njuguna, Chief Information Officer/ Stanbic Bank.