Success Story | Sinapi Apa  

Sinapi Aba transforms Customer Communication Experience with jDelivery

With JETHRO’s jDelivery, efficient service delivery is assured and positive impact on business bottom line is guaranteed.


Sinapi Aba earlier upgraded its core banking system to deliver quality services. However, the upgraded system lacked enough functionalities for efficient customer communication and manual processes were used to generate customer account statements. Additionally, Paper communication resulted in huge communication cost and delay in statement delivery. Consequently, customers expressed dissatisfaction in services.


The Solution

Sinapi management did a cost benefit analyses of automation and concluded that transforming customer communication will be cheaper when considering loss of not having one and high cost was incurred in upholding manual statements delivery.

The bank received proof of Concept (POC) from various vendors and chose JETHRO’s jDelivery due to proposed functionalities and competitive cost.  The implementation team from Jethro were deployed to carry out biometrics, browser implementation, products restructuring for Sinapi Aba and the POC was implemented within 2 weeks. Also, the company engaged in product campaign to facilitate customer buy-in.

Derived Benefits

After implementing jDelivery, Sinapi customer communication was altered with automated functionalities resulting in paperless communication. It became possible to create, manage and generate electronic statements for customers within minutes. Additionally, the solution enables prompt and online confirmation of receipt acknowledgement by the customer. Also, it ensures prompt communication delivery of e-statements to customers on preferred platforms resulting in customer convenience.

Derived Benefits

 In the future, Sinapi intends to extend features with Loans & Deposits contracts (LD) so that notifications are sent to customers during each change or as it approaches, for instance fixed deposit creation, rate change, rollover notification, intending liquidation, and so on.

Currently, the bank is finalising plans with JETHRO for its core banking system upgrade and the possibility of upgrading jDelivery to a recent version. Furthermore, Sinapi plans to add more automation to the solution. The bank’s intention for the future is to be the leading customer centric financial institution in the region.

Conclusively, Sinapi’s adoption of jDelivery ensured efficient customer communication and it resulted in cost savings compared to manual processes. Furthermore, Money saved was added as profit to the business.  “JETHRO has been providing implementation, support and technical advisory to Sinapi Aba for the past 8 years. Their contribution has provided leverage and competitive advantage for our operations”-Chief Operating Officer/Sinapi Aba Savings & Loans.