LSOCU in association with JETHRO – provides support for efficient Social Scheme Management

The Lagos State Operation Coordinating Unit (LSOCU) of the National Social Safety Nets Programme (NASSP), organized by the Federal Government of Nigeria has engaged JETHRO to provide professional support for efficient social scheme management in the areas of data survey, collection and cleaning.

The National Social Safety Nets programme is a key objective of the Federal Government of Nigeria established for the effective identification of the poorest of the poor and vulnerable households in the country, classification to various social interventions and the development of a single national social electronic registry. In addition, an essential component of an electronic payment program that delivers payments securely to the intended beneficiaries.

JETHRO is currently carrying out the evaluation exercise in Lagos state and with the support of our partners, survey agents have been deployed to conduct enumeration in various Local government and Local council development areas of the state. At each stage, quality assurance checks are performed to ensure data consistency and integrity so that it reflects the true information required for analytics and the derivation of insight.
With professional experience in several e-governance transformation projects and proven expertise in financial systems deployment, JETHRO aims to effectively deliver services that will result in the improvement of health and wellbeing of citizens.

JETHRO’s DIDHUB Launches MonieWire – One-Stop payment solution for all FIs

Digitalization, Innovation and Disruptive Technology hub (DIDHub), the technology research lab of JETHRO Limited recently developed MonieWire, an innovative payment solution that offers financial institutions the opportunity to effectively manage their customer transactions, by facilitating interbank instant payments, including online purchases and utility bill settlements allowing member banks and utility companies to service the payment needs of customers and businesses via convenient platforms such as USSD, mobile and web.

With MonieWire, member banks will be able to provide 24/7 instant payment services to customers at reduced transaction costs compared to Mobile Money transaction changes and afforded the capabilities to provide services that surpasses mobile money operator services. The solution is built with high level security payment protocols that secures data transfer enabling FIs to meet compliance with global standards. It has extensive facility to onboard various utility services providers and merchants enabling member banks to provide added value to their customers, thereby having the opportunity for revenue generation. FIs can easily transform their customer experience by allows customers to conveniently transfer money anytime and anywhere at remote locations and in rural areas.
Some of its features and functionalities include:

  • Simple user friendly interface and easy on-boarding of customers.
  • Billers and merchants, instant payment and transaction tracking.
  • Support for payment notification & enquiry such as balance inquiry, account statement report provision and prompt e-receipt notification via SMS.
  • Seamless processing & utility bill payment facility.
  • Built with state-of-the-art security functionalities.
  • Multi-platform support mobile devices such as USSD, Mobile Apps, and Web.
  • Built-In Mobile Wallet transfer system, card management system.
  • And more.

With MonieWire, Banks, Microfinance Institutions, and Credit Unions will be able to transform their customers’ payment experience. Banking customers have more convenient payment options for instant payments and utility bill settlement, such as, buying airtime and paying electricity bills from their bank accounts, and more. Additionally, Billers and merchants have the opportunity to receive prompt payments for services rendered to customers.