How an All-in-One No-Code Integration Solution can transform your Digital Enterprise.

Today, companies are embracing digital innovation to transform internal operations; deliver leading-edge products and services; remain competitive and be ahead in the marketplace. However, many financial institutions make use of applications and systems in silos that have resulted in not being able to harness the full functionalities of their enterprise applications and operation inefficiency. There is a need to employ fast and seamless integration solutions that will ensure process optimization, improved customer experience and value delivery.

In this article, we discuss the comparison of a No-Code Integration Solution and typical unification solution. We also discuss why buying an All-in-One No-Code Integration Solution can be a wise choice.

Typical enterprise integration solution

Developing an enterprise integration solution is a complex process that involves comprehending the design of numerous systems; the features, functionalities and limitations of these systems, and the requirements for making them to work together effectively and efficiently. An in-house integration development is usually restricted to the institution’s ecosystem and may not consider future requirements, such as, scalability due to business needs and expansion; traceability; failure recovery functionality; system upgrades and changes to business processes, which may result in unnecessary costs and constraints on your teams’ productivity:

  1. Complex process: Conventional solutions bought off-the-self or developed internally, usually involve composite coding by hand, which is an extremely time-intensive and complex process.

  2. Expensive to buy and maintain: The complex process that a typical integration solution goes through makes it very costly. Also, there is a significant shortage of skillful programmers to develop the needed solution, or new requirements, as well as in situations where issue troubleshooting or maintenance is required.

  3. Difficult learning curve: Conventional integration solutions are built with software codes that are difficult to learn and maintain, and require rare, difficult-to-obtain skills, while No-Code Integration Solutions are built with simple visual models and only require basic or periodic learning.

Advantageous proposition of the All-in-One No – Code Integration Platform

From simple to complex enterprise business applications, services and technologies functioning in silos, the All-in-One No-Code solution has proven to be a highly suitable integration platform. It is capable of integrating numerous enterprise applications, services, systems, and technologies with no complex coding required:

  • Speed up Integration Time: In contrast to the traditional forms, All-in-One No-Code helps to speed-up development and empowers your team to build business integration flows quickly and intuitively. It can help you deliver integration solutions 70% faster than traditional integration solutions.

  • Short learning curve: With its visual elements, drag-and-drop functionalities and wide range of connectors, your team only need basic and periodic training in order to fully understand the platform. Complex enterprise-grade applications can easily be integrated to provide great business value.

  • Pre-build scalable functionalities: The All-in-One No-Code Integration Solution comes with scalable and adaptable functionalities that enable your business to have a future-proof digital ecosystem for the creation of new business models. Applications that have been integrated in the ecosystem are responsive to demand, which supports and promotes business growth.

  • Transform Customer experience: The All-in-One No-Code Integration Solution facilitates customer engagement acceleration, by providing effective communication with a wide variety of services, applications, and technologies. All-in-One No-Code interconnects business applications and processes, to add business value and enhance user experience.

  • Fast Time to Market: The All-in-One No-Code Integration Solution enables your business to introduce new products to market quickly, thereby increasing the readiness of your institution to take advantage of and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

  • Cost Optimized: Deploying the All-in-One No-Code Integration Solution reduces development and operational costs, while providing a strong integration foundation. It reduces integration efforts by 70% and drastically reduces the cost of infrastructure.

What can you integrate with All-in-One No-Code?

You can integrate virtually anything and at any point in your enterprise:

  1. Back-office applications: Back office modules/Apps can be integrated with other business systems so that they operate effectively and provide users access to required functions as the need arises.

  2. Business enterprise applications: The platform allows you to optimize, automate and innovate specific processes in multiple branches of your business, both on premise or in the cloud.

  3. Mobile and Web applications, APIs and web extensions: If you have an existing system that needs to be integrated with new functionalities, the All-in-One No-Code platform is the right choice. The platform makes it possible to link multiple systems via interfacing, and enables the seamless integration of API’s and web services that extend the functional scope of your overall system.

In conclusion, customer experience is always evolving, and there is need for efficient communication between internal applications that support the smooth functioning of the business, and customer-facing applications, especially in an increasingly competitive market. Conventional integration solutions are restricted while the All-in-One No-Code platform allow users to integrate applications easily.

JETHRO’s All-in-One No-Code Integration Solution is called GnG and has been developed for you to realize the digital transformation of your enterprise. It speeds up the development process and time of integration for both new and already existing software applications and IT infrastructures. The platform enables business and IT personnel to easily integrate complex applications without the need for coding. We can assist as your fintech partner of choice in realizing your digital banking transformation with innovative and competitive solution offerings. Contact us today!